The Ring

July 19, 2009
By beautyfly2010 BRONZE, G, Texas
beautyfly2010 BRONZE, G, Texas
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December 21 1988, my mom was 18 and my dad was 21. Together they stood hand in hand at the front of the small town church. They had met only 3 short years before and now here they were with friends and family ready to pledge there hearts and lives to each other. The rings, a pretty little gold band with a few simple diamonds for my mother and a large solid gold band for my father. The ring a symbol of love, the love that they would share for the rest of there lives. I imagine my dads wedding ring glimmering in the light. A proud declaration of his love. He would wear it for ever.

Fast forward 20 years.

Life has changed for the young couple that were so in love that beautiful day so long ago. Three kids Three houses and Two jobs later things are far from perfect. With a son just out of high school, a daughter who just celebrated her sweet 16 and a toddler, things can be trying for the man that had so much love in his heart for my mother. He has now learned to share his love with his kids. My mom still wears her wedding ring it still shines in the light, but my daddy's ring lays on a shelf in the closet collecting dirt and dust. He took it off years ago. Not that he doesn't still love my mother. The love in his heart for her is as big as it had ever been. But he no longer shows it the way he used to. Back then there love was just a ring, a simple gold band was all they had to give to each other and now there is so much more.

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