Behind Bars

February 11, 2009
By Anonymous

'Have you ever had a moment in you're life when every thing Is going great, but then you have a
stupid idea to do something that's not smart at all, well I have. On September, first Labor Day, I
did the dumbest thing of my life; I didn't know that it would be such a big deal. Why did I do it?
My mom raised me better than that.

My day started of with me going to my friend's house. He and I wanted to play a game of air soft,
so we called up some of our boys and went up to the school. While we were at the school we were
having a blast, until this kid came up to drop off some school work. My friends and I all decided to
shoot him twice when he started leaving. Boom, boom! The kid rode of yelling.

This is the part of my story were I made a gigantic mistake. Some of my friends said that we should
go home, but me and another friend said we should stay. So we stayed. About twenty minutes later the
cops arrived at the park. Two of my friends ran but I stayed. Later the cops found out who ran and
called them back. He took all of our guns and made us stand up against a wall. The police officer
called our parents and the kids parents. Soon everyone was at the school.

The police said that he would let us go if the parents didn't want to press charges. They said
they didn't so we got to go home. I thought that this was the end of this but I was wrong. On
October, 8, I got called down to the office. When I arrived I was greeted by two police officers, my
principal, and my friends.

The principal said that the parents decided to press charges, and that we were in a lot of trouble,
since the crime happened on school property my school had to get involved. The principal said that I
had A.E.P for 45 day and I could get expelled. A.E.P is an off campus school were kids that do bad
things in school go. As if that wasn't bad enough I got arrested at the school.

There has never been a time that I was as scared as I was that day. My two friends and I riding in
the back of a cop car. The cop lied to us and said all we had to do was go to court, he was wrong.
As we were arriving at the Denton Jouvi Center, we had to pass through a bunch of barbed wire. The
cop parked the car and let us out; he took us in side this building and started to talk to this one

My two friends and I were split up into three different sections. I went to the C section, and both
my friends went to the a and b. It turned out that we had to stay there for four days. Those four
days were the roughest days of my life, I got picked on, yelled at, called bad names, and everyone
hated me.

I can remember how cold the walls were, and the sound of everyone yelling get crunk! The worst thing
was that it was my birthday, and I was in jail. My parents were on a cruise, and I was disappointed.
The food sucked, the beds were horrible, the guards called me names, and all of the kids stole my
food. The day finally came when I had to go to court. My mom didn't even come to my release. I
ended up getting probation for six months, $2000 fine, a choices class, 45 days of AEP, counseling,
they took my guns, no field trips, and worst of all I disappointed my family.

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