Teen Abstinence

February 4, 2009
By Anonymous

Unwanted pregnancies, AIDS, STDs, STIs, depression and suicide, can all be consequences due to sex
at a young age. Most girls become sexually active by or before the age of 14. Sexually active
girls are twice as likely to fall into depression as those who remain virgins, according to a
controversial new study. Nearly 31% of girls ages fifteen to nineteen who have had sexual
intercourse at least once become pregnant, according to a report released by the Washington National
Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Sex is also one of the reasons leading to depression, then to
committing suicide.

Some people think a parent figure is not needed in a young girl's life, and that most girls are
good mothers by the age of fourteen to sixteen. They believe that their daughters act a certain way
due to the way our society has become over past years. I have a cousin who recently turned 15 a
month after giving birth to a little girl. ' I would love to have waited a little longer, even
though my baby is a blessing. I hope that you are ready for when you want to have a baby, because I
have struggled so much...' she advises me.

I believe a parent figure is needed, and that no girls are good mothers or ready to become mothers
until over the age of twenty to twenty tree. This is the age most people have their head settled in
what they want to do in life... I had personal advice from some teachers and some family members
most had decided to get engaged or married from the age of twenty-three and up.

Most girls become sexually active due to the lack of connection they have with their dads. Teenage
girls need and want love, and when it's not shown at home, we tend to look for it in some other
place where is nowhere to be seen. We don't tend to think why so many teens desperately try to
seek a way to abandon home as soon as possible. Some causes could be because their parents argue too
much, they pressure her, make her do all the house work or even blame her for my parent's
'unhappiness'. One of the major reasons why so many teens attempt to leave home is due to a
divorce. This makes them go through depression and by trying to seek a way out they run away from
their problems. In my case I was not blamed for the parent's unhappiness, so that was not the
reason why I always wanted to leave home. The reason was that, when I was around the age of 7 my
parents would ask me, ' Con quien te quieres ir, con mel'n o con sandia?' This was a way of
asking who do you want to go live with after our divorce. These words hurt me so much in the inside,
but I never let them know.

Most of us teenage girls are afraid to ask for help regarding anything that involves a conversation
about your sex life; here are some questions we mostly have. How would it make them feel if their
girl gets pregnant? Do you want me to wait until marriage? What should I do when friends are
pressuring me to attempt things I am not supposed to do? What if I'm the only girl who remains a
virgin from my group of friends? Yes this might be some weird questions but they did go through my
mind at a time in my life. Thanks to the grace of God I still have both of my parents that were
there for me to answer anything I had a doubt about.

Fathers, I encourage you to try to connect to your daughters before it's too late. Girl's I also
encourage you to help your parents connect to you. For us girls this is a really sensitive subject
that we would love if our parents talked to us about. So keep in mind parents, connect to your
daughters, so you can prevent all this from happening. In my case my parents never actually gave me
a talk about sex till the age of 15 before that my mom was the only one telling me to wait.
Unfortunately when both decided to give me the talk at the same time it was too late. I had lost my
virginity a couple of months before. I felt guilty after that had happened (depression)so I-I had to
let them know... After I had realized that I only heard that they wanted me to wait till marriage,
and read an article about how parents usually make the mistake of not reminding their kids that
they want them to remain abstinent. Some stress went away, but some guiltiness remained' this is a
real experience and I would not like anyone to go through it, so this is why I encourage you to talk
to your parents about this issue..

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"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." (Albus Dumbledore)

Every teen should read this. Then maybe then they can realize how actions have consequenses. This is a great example of that.


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