January 14, 2009
By Lindy Nelson, Hartland, WI

Here she comes in her designer clothes that her parents bought her She thinks she's so great
because her parents have money She thinks everyone loves her and that she knows everyone Wrong. She
doesn't know that I'm a sadist who's skilled in the art of taunting She sits down with us and
proceeds to starts mindlessly chattering about how much stuff is in her basement and how much her
summer clothes cost It's time for me to strike "So *--------." I casually ask "Who's house
did you steal all that stuff from?" She wrinkles up her flat little face and says she's
rich so she can have whatever she wants "Really," I question. "I don't think you have any
friends." "I have lots of friends," she says in that whiney little voice that makes want to
punch something "Like who," I feel like a wolf who's stalking her prey and waiting to make the
kill "Like *------, and a whole bunch of people you don't know" "Really? Everyone hates you
because all you do is talk about stuff that your parents have. You can't do anything. You're
just hang onto your parents like a little baby." "NO I DON'T!" "Is the baby throwing a
tantrum? Should I get a pacifier?" "THAT'S NOT TRUE! YOU'RE JUST A STUPID GOTH!"
"Really? I'm not the one with the whole lunch area starring at me like I'm some kind of
freak." She runs off, presumably to go cry. Just as intended.

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