June 30, 2009
By skaryaliciaface BRONZE, Deckerville, Michigan
skaryaliciaface BRONZE, Deckerville, Michigan
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let’s swing on the swingset and count the stars and get dizzy and lay in the grass just to smell the fresh air and we won’t say a word we’ll just listen to eachothers thoughts and eat popsicles while making a mess and not wash our hands afterwards

we’ll sing silly songs and play that hand slapping game that i always seem to lose at then move on to thumb wars which i know you always let me win because there’s no way my thumbs are stronger than yours and we’ll smile the entire time

i’ll make weird faces at you and pretend like i’m going to trip you as i’m walking beside you just to see how you react because sometimes i’m a child and you’ll give me a strange look then realize i’m just being goofy and then give me a bear hug

when i see you across the room i’ll wave and stick out my tongue at you and you’ll do the same only crossing your eyes as well and everyone will see and think we’re crazy but that’s because we are

we could take naps in the afternoon under the warm sun and walk around bare foot because no one needs shoes when it’s summertime and we’ll lounge around on the beach and you’ll splash me with water and i’ll act like i’m mad then smile because i’m never actually mad at you

let’s just live and be happy.

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