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The Power of a Promise

June 23, 2009
By kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
kidlet612 PLATINUM, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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The power of a promise is enough to save a life. It's the concrete foundation, for which a life can grow, mature into something beautiful. A promise gives you wings, gives you courage, and strength to fly. Its the saftey net that catches you, when you cannot catch yourself.
But, promises are fragile. They are made of clear crystal glass. Any cracks or chips, will fracture your foundation, crumbling your concrete pedistal, ripping apart your saftey net at the very seams it sewed. labeling them faulty, no longer trustworthy. and useless.
The simplicity of a promise leads to a complicated outcome. Promises build trust, just as easily as it anialates it. The power of a promise can make or break a relationship. A promise is very easy to make, the challange is keeping it. Providing false hope, lifting spirits from lies is a common day to day practice.
Sometimes, a broken promise has the power to go so far to stop the sun from rising the very next day, to stop the rain from falling, to stop the grass from growing. Breaking a promise can end a life. Promises are so commonplace, that they often go overlooked and are shrugged off by their makers. "I promis.." is so casual, it's usually a slip of the tongue. But, to optomistic ears, those two words echo's never seem to fade. A doubtful person finds hope, black finds white, and the skeptical, try.
The power of a promise is a gift. the glue holding someone together. To remove it, is a homocide. The tragic ending, the push leading to the downfall, the responsible party for the crash landing awaiting them at the end.
The power of a promise is a begginning.
The power of a promise is an ending.

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