Life Through It's Purpose

June 25, 2009
By Bailey1 BRONZE, Derby, Vermont
Bailey1 BRONZE, Derby, Vermont
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Life is constantly blooming flower. It has many petals and many roots. It is grounded and it is beautiful. Something about it is always new and something is always predictable. And though we all have the desire to pluck it from the ground, we know, or we soon learn, that it only survives in the safety and shelter of the soil, under the blinding rays of the sun. It is the only place it can forever toss it's wild aroma into the wind. Harnessing that power is not possible and will never be possible. For everything about life is beyond our hand's control. By the time we realize something is wrong, we are a million seconds too late. Nothing can be reversed, redone, only fixed. There is one chance at everything.
In light of those times I've spent drifting into uncontrollable and spiraling thoughts of how insignificant each human is to the world, I've come to realize several things. Once a second passes it is gone forever. There is no retrieval. And if something horrible happens in that second, nothing can be done. For, though we have a limited time on earth, our actions, our seconds, do not. They stay. And so, I say, if we can only have one go at everything, the point of life is to be happy with every second of it.

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