The Real World As A Teen

January 10, 2009
By Anonymous

I think LIFE is all about rules.And if u dont follow by them.You can mess up your life.Like my mom.She didnt follow one of her most important rule.and now look were shes at.Still waiting tables.Coming home to three children everday.Cant pay bills on time.Credit is all messed up.Her not finishing high school messed her life up completly.Thats only one rule.Me only being 15 I know if I dont follow by my rules I can mess up. because I see everyday with diffrent people.Yes I know you can always have a 2nd chance but i bet the first chance you had at anything was better then 2nd one.I know everybody dont think the same but if you dont have a set of rules for your self.Then what do u do to keep your LIFE right ?

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