Do You Know What I Have Realized?

January 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Do You Know What I have Realized?
So many people are becoming bitter about God.
The idea of Him.
The fact that He wants to be in their lives.
Why don't they see?
Why don't they understand?
My father once told me that man autmatically knows that there is a God.
I believe him.
So, why are so many refusing His call?
Do You Know What I have Realized?
The world is messed up?
Jesus said it would be like this before his return.
So are you ready?
Is your heart at ease?
I pray that it is.
For the TIME of the LORD is COMING.
Are you ready?
My heart is.
And I am glad.
Some people view God as being passive about the problems of the world when they don't even know Him. That is not right. God makes it so that the world is fixable,
But it is our job to do so.
But man is stupid, and can't bring himself to make the world the way it should be.
So God will.
He will.
And soon.
That is what I have realized.
So remember.
Remember that he cares.
Remember that he loves.
Remember that he is the light in the storm.
Why don't they

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