Stranger in a Strange land

June 13, 2009
By Michael Tactay BRONZE, National City, California
Michael Tactay BRONZE, National City, California
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Waking up at 7 am in the morning, staring blankly at the wall while am lying in my bed, I asked myself “Where on earth exactly am I?” Right then I realized that I’m no longer at the place where I used to live and instead I am here in this strange land that is full of strange people.

“Welcome to America – the promise land or so I thought?”

I arrived here in the United States a year ago from my home country, right at the peak of my teen hood. I wasn’t even ready to go when my dad called me through the phone and told me that he already bought my plane ticket. I was really shocked at that very moment because I only had a week before my scheduled flight! I didn’t even have the time to meet my friends since they were so far away and I was in our province that time with my mom and relatives. Then I realize I have to deal with it no matter how sad it is. I chose to spend the remaining week with my family since they are more important with me.

Everything is different here. One might experience culture shock as I am evidently experiencing now. It’s not that easy especially for a shy person like me. It is not like I am antisocial or a loner but it is just awkward. Yes I have some friends out here but it is not like I can always count on them. Yes indeed I need to adjust and I know it takes time

One reason for me to stay here is to search for a better quality of life. Indeed, the quality of life is observable here compared to where I came from. That is despite of the economic crisis and recession that we are suffering from. I just realized that life may still be fine despite all the sacrifices and tears I have to surrender; however one essential element is missing. It is as vital as the air we breathe in and out of our lungs. No wonder people are desperate to catch it. It is the so called “the complete set of happiness” or the well known “pursuit of happiness “If you will ask me whether I already found that or not, then my answer is not yet. I have a lot of things to accomplish and a whole lot of obstacles to go overcome (Add to that all the trolls I have to get over)… all I know is that happiness is a choice and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Its not very easy to adjust here in America but maybe someday, ill get over it.

The author's comments:
these article is about teens who change places like me

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