Media and Girls Sexuality

June 8, 2009
By taylor jabin BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
taylor jabin BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Girls all over the world read magazines and see pictures that have been engraved into their minds as normal, but since when was it normal to sell a product with sex. Since when did it become alright to tell girls it is okay to wear what looks like a swim suit to school? Researches, authors, and feminist all have said that media and music influences young teens, and that girls specifically have become sexual to quickly. Belinda Luscombe states that, “Girls sexiness seems to be everywhere: on TV shows and in movies, in advertising, in teen magazines and all over the internet.” But if all of the data that has been collected points to a sad number of girls that have fallen for this mind game why the media hasn’t stopped is the question. Because to sell the product the media industry says you need hot, young, naive girls. Which some say should be held in the category of child pornography. Just like the case with Miley Cyrus, and her revealing photo shoot. Teen celebrities such as Miley Cyrus say they see themselves as role models but really don’t comprehend how any media source even when blown out of proportion is still seen by many girls around the country. Media gives girls the wrong images on how to look, act, and be treated. But to stop the over growing sexuality of teen girls media needs to take the responsibility of their actions and change what they put out to the general public.

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