Life with guilt

June 2, 2009
By Katara paulk BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
Katara paulk BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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When i was a little girl my mom went to prison for do bad stuff. Me and my sister went to go live with my aunt and uncle but they were getting old and couldnt take take care of us, so we went to a family that wanted little girls. Me and my sister thought that they were really nice and thought that this would be our perminate home, Well for my Sister it was but it wasnt for me. At the age of 6-7 i was molested and raped by my Father like figure and it happened till i was 13 in a half untill i told my mom. but what was the worst is that he threat me to hurt my sister and it also happened to her. in 6th grade i moved back with my mom becouse i was really tired of getting beat on and abused in the home. my sister still lived with themold. After court my sister decited to move back with us. Now life is getting better but i went to the doctors a couple of months ago and i found out that i have breast cancer. the guy thiat did this stuff to me got a long time and he is going to die in prison!

The author's comments:
Id like to say that anyone and everyone that is being Molested and rape talk out becouse i did and it change my life in a good way.

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