Dangers In Schools

June 2, 2009

Kids go to school to learn. They spend 6 hours a day with different teachers learning, but that learning environment can change. Around the age of 14 and 16 school starts changing for students. There are many dangerous distracting them from their studying. Back then this wasn’t so common, but as time goes by the number of students in middle school that are doing good isn’t so high. Many kids are being held back. School is no longer an importance to them. Kids aren’t being distracted by friends though. They are being distracted by even greater enemies.
“Do it come on don’t be a sissy” these are the words of kids use to pressure their peers into doing drugs. You would think these light threats are coming from teenagers that are 16, but most of the time they are from kids that are just 10 to 12 years old. The reality is that kids are now trying drugs at a young age. This affects them drastically as they grow up because soon they will be so addicted to the drug that they will just be thinking of when they will get more, and their school work will go down. Their effort will be reduced to an ash just because of drugs. Drugs are one of students’ biggest enemies, but here there are worse enemies out there. They will be too stuck on the drug that school will be useless to them and all they’ll be worried about is when they are going to be stoned again.
Kids start gathering in a crowd, and many are pushing to get in the center. In the center are two students both mad at one another and their hands protecting their face. Second go by before the first student strikes the other student pushing him back. That’s when the crowd goes wild and starts shouting. Just in case you haven’t noticed this is a usual school fight. Most fights start when a person hears rumors of himself being started by another person, but most of the rumors are lies. The good thing about fights in school is that they are at school, so teachers can stop the fights. Some unfortunately are planned at school but happen in other places. These are bad because there is nobody to stop those fights. These fights can lead to really bad injury or even death. Although fights are dangerous they distract students for a while. They aren’t as distracting as drugs, but they are way dangerous then drugs because with in a matter of moments one student can be seriously injured and maybe in a coma.

Nerd, geek, and other name calling can be pointed to one student by another peer. This is called bullying. Bullying is very common in school and is commonly done to humiliate one person in front of others. The individuals that do this are doing it to get attention from others, and so they can be accepted in a special social group. Kids that are bullied get distracted from school because they are worried about what will happen to them when the bell rings and its time to change classes. Their greatest fear is getting beaten up. This can lead to distraction, and if the bullying goes far enough it can lead to depression which will probably end in suicide. Bullying is the worst distraction in school and out of school. Why? You ask yourself. Bullying not only stays in school but it follows out of school were it can be even worse.

School is supposed to be a place for learning, but there is many things trying to stop the learning. Many kids fall for the distractions and fail. Although kids get into dangerous things in school they can still change the way they are at school. If kids tried helping their friends by telling an adult or a responsible guardian their friends would do better in school, and there would be no enemies in their way.

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