November 30, 2008
By Anonymous

In 2006 to 2007 the crime rate was dropping in America.In 2008 the crimes in America went up almost 2%.Not only America.Crime rates in China went up 0.2 points.Even though people think its a small present it is a big difference.As the economy drops more and more people commit crimes for money,jobs,and food.Murders went up almost 2% too.

The crime rates are raising fast.Many people die in rural areas by gang violence because of a small amount of officers.In small areas copes are decreasing meaning more crimes are committed.My opinion is that more people should start joining the police force.I think people are scared to work as a police officers because

of the crime rates.

As said in the news more people are scared to go to big cities like New York city because of the use of guns,knifes,and other harmful objects.Businesses that sell legal weapon's are selling weapon's to under aged customers that dose not have a gun license.Those underage customers are using the weapon for committing crimes.These illegal acts continue to happen thous leading to murders and other crimes.

Crimes are not solving anything and
just creates more anguish.Not only you are affected witnesses and peoples families are affected.On the news it said a 12 year old girl was murdered.She was shot to death.A man was a block away and said "I did not mean to shot her let me go".It puts us in danger.

Many people say that they should have another chances.Many people who are in jail now are very young about 20 and 30 years old because young kids now are acting careless and doing crimes.

The author's comments:
this my own writting and not copyed.

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