What Matters to Me

May 20, 2009
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what matters to me is your happiness and sadness, i mean all your emothions flow over me like a flooding waterfall...but i have no idea what to do and how to do it...so who can help me to help you or is it that complicated...i cut again tonight all because i worried about you hating me...was it something i said or did? please let me know?.

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Ineedthesuntorise said...
Jun. 13, 2009 at 3:33 am
wow. this is so powerful in so many little words. it spoke straight to me, as if you were talking about me. This is amazing! I can relate,always worrying about if someone likes me. and then when something bad happens, teh razor calls me away and i usually wonder wat i did or said to make that person treat me so..
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