May 20, 2009
By jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
jake krause GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Jack is only a little younger than me but already has troubles with drinking and school. He is a junior and I am a senior. His mom is caring and forgiving. She brings his lunch to school when he forgets it and she always makes sure there is a home cooked meal when he gets home. Sometimes it’s cold because he stayed out too late and never called; sometimes it’s saved for a left over because he didn’t show up at all. She knows he’s a good kid and trusts him on his own, but it doesn’t stop her from worrying.

Jack and I have been friends since fourth grade. He was different then. He was always happy and nice to everyone. Now he’s older and feels too cool. He won’t hang out with me because I’m too nerdy. He ignores me if the wrong people are around.

One day it gets to me and I let him know. I tell him he needs to stop drinking and hanging around those other kids. He looks at me and laughs then turns and walks away. He tells me he has plenty of friends and has no need for me. He says “I always knew you were a joke. Same old rules. Same old kid.”

Tonight is prom and I decided not to go. My group of friends come over and watch some TV. The news flashes on. A car accident. We watch and wonder who it is, are they ok, what happened? Soon enough I see the car, a piece inside me turns cold, it’s Jacks. I leave the room to call his mom, she answers with tears in her words, she tells me he was drinking and hit a phone pole, she’s on the way to the hospital and tells me she has to go. I sit there phone still in my hand, talking to myself, was there more I could have done?

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