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May 17, 2009
By Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Jack Mitchell BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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I love commercial products. You know the ones that have “so many features” but the only thing it is capable of doing is completely emptying your bank account. They’re just so, so wonderful. It is not like were some kind of recession or anything. You would be better off with a shoe that can slide on carpet then to keep your job. Can your job provide endless fun sliding on carpet? Doubt it. Also, who really cares if your house gets foreclosed? At least you’re super warm while watching TV and still having easy access to the phone!

How do these advertisers do it? It seems like such a hard thing to do. Think about it. You are a businessman. You must make an item that is actually worth something and sell it to millions of Americans. Adding on to this, you have to make a creative commercial that stated all of the great things your product shows. How do they do it? Here is an example on how they do.

Sham-WOW: This is a fairly interesting commercial. Here is the scoop. It is basically a towel. Not just an ordinary towel. This holds up to 12 times more liquid than any other towel out there. I wonder how they got that number. It also doesn't drip and doesn't make a mess. I know you are thinking, this is just like a sham right? WRONG! It is a Sham…WOW. Completely different.

Really quick, I am going to take a break from the sarcasm and become literal; these kinds of advertisers are like Sean Conory on steroids! Seriously, who can take a product that useless and make it somewhat, I don't know, worth buying? I am truly amazed. These people who do this for a living should be apocalyptic figures and save the world because if they can't, no one can't!

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