Stand up & Be Men

May 15, 2009
By AnissaW. BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
AnissaW. BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Life is too short, say what you feel, cry for no one, forgive quickly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.(anissa w.)

When a guy looks at me they see a beautifull girl.And when they see me they cant help but say”heyy baby”.Well I know i'm older than 3 & that defineitly ain't my name.Everyday a women is disrespected with the name of baby,honey or broad.And you expect me to ask for your name
[as if im that stupid]It's because of women your here because our strength lifted,taught & uconditionally loved you.So to all you boys callin us ”baby”.Stand up, be men & call me Anissa.And please dont look at me, look at me
Because behind these big brown eyes there's a girl who's tired of hearing that name.

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comment said...
on Jun. 6 2009 at 5:55 pm
If you're going to post an article on a writing website, I suggest you clean up your grammar.

This isn't a text message, so please spell out "and', and it'd probably be best to avoid the word "ain't". Create something that you can be proud of.

on Jun. 5 2009 at 11:53 pm
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
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Good article keek wrighting!!! i hate when guys say bab!!!!

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