Your Breeze

April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

The cold breeze brushes against my fevered skin like the strokes painted by an artist.
I hear the gentle whispers through the bright colored leaves.
It calls the silence surrounding me.

Blowing the tears trickling down my face this wispy wind brings comfort to my lonely heart.
Closing my swollen eyes I breathe in deeply,
And as this wind sweeps across my trembling pale lips I remember.

I remember our lips locked together,
And how the wind just like this one blew my hair,
And you lightly said how beautiful I looked.

I love you…
I swear I hear your voice rustling in my ear.
The air wraps around me like your hugs,
And I smile picturing you in front of me again,
But as the gust rushes past me like a speeding car,
Reality hits me.

All I have now is our memories and this wind.
The wind that brings back the memories.

I hold up my hand imagining your fingers fitting perfectly in the spaces of mine.
I grab tightly to this blow.
I hold on tight,
Close to my body,
Not wanting to let go.

And as the leaves cry out,
The rumbling in my head calms down,
And I just breathe.

The author's comments:
this is about loosing someone you love. i hope you like it. this is my first time sharing something i wrote.

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