I Couldn't Live Without Them

April 27, 2009
By BigMac BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
BigMac BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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The things that I care about the most aren’t actually things but people. Most of you would find this hard to believe; especially my parents, but the people that I care about most are my twin brothers. Unfortunately, they can be the most annoying people in the world at times, but I don’t know what I would do without them around.

I used to regret having brothers and often questioned why my parents had more than one child. Really, I love my brothers and love having them around all the time. If I didn’t have them around, I would most often have nothing to do, considering the fact that almost all of the things I do involve my brothers.

My brothers are some of the only people that I can count on to cheer me up if I’m down and really sad. Those two will “encourage” me if I think I can’t do something that they have already done. They tell and show me all sorts of things that will make me laugh. Even if they don’t try, they will almost always cheer me up.

If something happened to one of them and he died, I don’t know what I would do. I can’t even start to explain what kind of sadness I would feel. I would still feel grateful that I had one of the greatest brothers you could ask for. My brothers and I always get into fights. They sometimes have gotten to swearing at each other. It used to get to where we would start kicking, punching, and biting each other. Thankfully for the most part that has stopped.

Now that I have written this essay, I now what my parents meant when they always said that your brothers will always be your best friends no matter what.

The author's comments:
Most of you wouldn't agree with this if you have siblings, but if you really do think about it, this is how you should feel to have a brother or sister. It took me quite a while to figure out what I wrote in this article, but now that I've written it, I will think differently about the way I act towards my brothers. I think you should too.

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