May 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Human: sympathetic; humane: a warmly human understanding ( I believe in order to be human you must be capable of making mistakes, then grow and learn from your experiences. In other words, you must go through a life altering occurrence that makes you improve yourself as well as appreciate all the simplistic gifts life provides us with. I know it’s kind of cliché, but it’s a trait every 6.7 billion of us share in this world. Let’s be serious every single one of us is guilty for committing multiple mistakes some time or another throughout the duration of our lives. For instance, no single human being has lived on this Earth without formulating some sort of error. I think without mistakes, our society would be too perfect and constantly uptight. Me personally, I could never be perfect because I know that’s an unrealistic expectation for me and anyone else to have to live up to. You would constantly be uneasy and terrified that you were going to do something horrible or even make simple mistakes such as misplacing hard earned money, sitting on a pair of sunglasses, or leaving your car unlocked . I mean making mistakes is usually considered a taboo in our society, but on a lighter note sometimes mistakes turn into good fortune. For example, all our past inventors used trial and error before they got their products to work correctly. If it wasn’t for men like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein we wouldn’t have some of the helpful inventions that we use on a daily basis, such as, light bulbs, telephones, computers, etc. All in all, I think in order to truly be considered human you must make multiple mistakes throughout your life time, and educate yourself on how to improve them as you grow older. After all, to error is human.

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