Preparing for life ATFER high school

May 21, 2009
By Alexis Jensen BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
Alexis Jensen BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
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It that time of the year again, school has just started and kids are back in school. But for the senior class this is the beginning of the end. They are getting ready for college and the real world; no more relying on mommy and daddy for everything. Its time to step up and take control! You got to set in college applications, find an apartment for college, register for classes, find scholarships, and get through your last year of high school.
So how does one get started on this large list of to dos? Well the best way to start is to find out which colleges you would like to attend and which colleges have your career major. Then simply print off an application and fill them out. The best choice thing to do is to apply to several colleges, so you can have a variety to choose from.
TIP: send in your application in early, by doing so the college gets to see you first!
Next would be to look at housing, on and off campus and find the best deals. When looking at a dorm or apartment you need to see what is offered by the complex or the dorm building, such as laundry or if utilities are paid by the tenant. Some apartment complexes offer some “community” amenities such as pools or covered parking. It is good to compare and contrast to see what is good for you.
Once you find an apartment and have been accepted to your college the next big thing is to register for classes. When going to register be sure to do it early, so that you don’t have to take a seven-thirty morning class. If you’re undecided about your major take some general education classes (sooner or later you will have to take them) and some that you would be interested in; because you’re there to figure out what you would like so investigate!
One of the best things to do to get ready is to apply for scholarships, what can be better then free money for college?! So apply for as many as possible.
Lastly is getting through senior year. Have fun because after this life gets complicated so enjoy the time you have. But don’t slack off either, because colleges can drop your enrollment to their college if you can’t keep them up. So be responsible and HAVE FUN!

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