April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

On his tippy toes, my little brother stretches his arms to reach for the cup on top of the water dispenser. I watch as his little fingers grasp fir their target. I ask, “Do you need help?” he says, “No, I can get it myself.” Right there, a thought dawns on me: getting the cup would be so easy for me, but my little brother refuses my help. Maybe this is how God feels with us. He can give us anything if we would only ask Him. Knowing this, I have some intentions I pray for daily. Every night, I pray to God for guidance in relationships, in college decisions, and in leading us down the right path.

Relationships are not what they used to be according to my elders. I can agree that the boogie would seem outdated to many of the couples on the dance floor. The music teenagers listen to today may be the source of the problem of risqué dance moves. The jazz and blues of the old days have now been replaced with rap and hip hop. When holding hands seemed like a big deal before, now, holding hands does not mean a thing. In every relationship, I have to ask myself if I think this is a wholesome couple or a physical couple, and I think that is sad. Teenagers today are moving too quickly in the experience column that they have nothing to look forward to in the future. Movies are being produced that make fun of virgins, such as, The 40 Year Old Virgin and American Pie. The music and the movies of today are bringing youth farther and farther away from relationships based on the Lord. I pray for guidance in my future and present relationships, as well as others, that they may become more like the good old days and find their way back to purity.

“Man I love college/ And I love drinkin/ I love women/ I love college” are some of the lyrics to the song “I Love College” by Asher Roth. Is this really what I should look forward to next year? Getting drunk, and for most guys, getting laid? Where does the education part come in? I have had to go through so many classes telling me to be aware and watch out for date rape drugs, especially in college. What is the world coming to? We leave our parent’s home and forget all the rules of decency and morals. Many of my friends are already joining this crowd. They say they should drink more now so that in college they will be more prepared and know their limits. What if we just did not plan to drink so much in college? I’m sure our brain cells would appreciate it. My prayers go to my friends as wells as the peers I will never meet, that God will grant us the courage and guidance to make the right decisions and go to college for its essential purpose—to learn.

I have been told many times by many people that God has a plan for us all. Each decision we make either leads us toward or away for God and the path that He has set out for us. On the dance floor, anyone can bring back the pretzel instead of grinding up on a guy. Anyone can make the better choice not to watch movies that give bad messages and ideas to the mind. In college, if we ask God’s help, we can find a good group of friends that do not constantly party. The path is set, all we have to do is ask God to lead us there. Whether one is faced with a decision in a relationship or in college, I pray that God will lead us down the right path.

In the end, my little brother could not reach the cup and I was glad to help him. God is ready to help all of us. I will continue to pray for guidance in the lives of the youth. These are tough times, and we need Someone to make sure we are doing what is right. I love my little brother as God loves his children— let Him help guide the future.

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