Dance Team Captain

April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Being captain of a dance team does not only involve choreographing,
cutting music, picking costumes, and teaching and perfecting dances;
in fact, it is much more than that. It’s teaching respect by showing
respect; it’s helping 60 girls strive and push themselves to be the
best dancers I know they are.
It is about making new sisters and forming unforgettable
friendships. Being one of six captains has taught me much about
leadership and cooperation. Come competition time, captains meet every
spare minute of the day. We’ve used our unique talents to help the
team and each grow. I feel blessed to have shared this year with them.

Sure, we’ve made plenty of mistakes, but each mistake taught a lesson,
and through all the tears, those from frustration to laughter, I
couldn’t have picked any five other people I would have rather worked
with. These five people have taught me more than they’ll ever know.

Although practices sometimes became repetitive and boring, we continued to work our hardest so we could perform to our fullest potential come competition.
We compete at nationals every other year, and this year was
particularly challenging due to competition against other talented
teams. The moments before announcing which team would take home the
national title were the few longest seconds of my life. As I tried to
keep my heart from jumping out of my chest, then we were announced the winners, and was by far the most
rewarding experience. Hearing the congratulations made every
frustration I had felt throughout the entire year fully worth it.
Being on a dance team is not just about dancing, but performing as one, adding
“cheese” into everything we do. When we perform, we go out there to
have fun, and our hard work is clearly visible.

I can without a doubt say I would never trade one second
of being captain. Leading this team has been the most
unforgettable experience. This past year has meant the world to me and
being able to share it with 60 girls has meant even more. I couldn’t
have imagined a better way to have spent my senior year.

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