Is school really that bad?

April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

School can be demanding, but also very rewarding. Although homework and school activities may be time consuming and difficult, they can also be quite enjoyable, and a huge payoff in the future.

Sometimes I feel like my homework is strangling me. It seems that I am buried in a pile of it that I will never escape. When this happens, however, I just try to think of the ways it is helping me to grow as a person. Doing homework can help to improve a person’s work ethic, while expanding the amount of information that person knows. In addition, homework in high school prepares for a future in college where the work may be even harder.

After school activities can pay off as well. They many times are very enjoyable, and are a good way to meet new people. They are not only a good way to get in shape and make friends, but also look good on scholarships and college applications.

Although school may seem like a waste of time now, having a better career and better work ethic in the future will definitely make it all worth while later.

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