My Best Friend

April 24, 2009
By Tyler Grear BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Tyler Grear BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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My best friend loves everyone. He always listens and pays attention. He loves cookies, but not chocolate chip. My best friend is my dog. He is thirteen going on fourteen in November. He acts like a puppy and never does any thing bad. He stays in the house, doesn’t go down stairs or in the bathroom. He has never attacked anyone, but never gives kisses. He hates dog treats but loves bones. My best friend always begs but never takes without permission.

My best friend loves to sleep and loves to go for long walks. He never runs away and always stays in the yard. We trust him and he trusts us. When we first met we clicked instantly. Nothing was going to separate us. But now he is sick and we can’t wrestle around and I have to be careful with him. He has prostate cancer so now he goes potty when he has to no matter where he is.

My best friend no matter what I will always love him. My step dad will miss him more since he had him since he was a puppy. My best friend is the best dog a kid could ask for. I wish he would not go but he will have to when it’s his time. My best friend has always made me happy and always will. When it’s his time I hope he won’t suffer because he doesn’t deserve to. Once he dies no one or nothing will replace him. My best friend is Dakota and I will miss him always.

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