What Matters

April 24, 2009
By Anonymous

What matters to me are my imagination and my characters. They are almost like my own children except for the fact that they are fictional and that most of them are much older than I am. They’re almost like my friends in a way that I can talk to a selected few and weird enough I can hear them talking to me in my head. I have an overactive imagination so every now and then I even see them.

The reason for this might have been not having friends at a young age and throughout most of my life so they just came to be and they turn out how I’ve always wanted friends. I have worked with some of them to make them into believable characters with their own unique personality.

I have real friends and these characters are probably what have kept me sane for the longest time now. Without them I would be how people say now “emo or gothic”. They are still real to me and they have a special place in my heart. I don’t care what people think about them because I know they’re perfect in their own way.

Many people call me childish and extremely weird for the fact that I have these imaginary friends. I also apparently have no life because of them too, but if they had never come to be then I wouldn’t be doing the things I do now. I wouldn’t be a writer and I wouldn’t take the time to draw if I had no ideas.

The main characters seem to be Zylar a vampire and Kikto a fox demon. Zylar is calm but also rude and he has the habit of breaking important conversations. Kikto is very obnoxious and demanding but he is still childish and hates to lose. They seem like they would be the worst kind of people to hang around but you just have to learn to accept these characteristics of their personality. They’re still caring and understanding to me and some of my friends who take the time to accept them being fictional.

I don’t stay away from reality but whenever I need to I can escape to my imagination and to these secret friends for comfort and support. They are what matter most to me since they brought me out of the depths of depression.

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