Advices about roommates and home stays

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Advices about roommates and home stays

When you leave your parents’ house, you probably have to live or with another family or in a condominium or something with a roommate. Either way, you’ll have to live with a, well, in most cases, with strangers. Living with other people you don’t know may seem weird, but with considerable amounts of thought and precaution, you’ll probably have a good experience doing it.

As an international student, I had my good 3 years of experience living with other people. Since who you live with is kind of a big deal, of course, I’ll tell you how to make it a good one. You can chose whether you want to live with a family around your campus, live in a dorm or rent a place and live with a roommate.

There are pros and cons for each one, but I recommend living with a family house. There are several reasons why. One is because you can actually live in a house where you’ll get homemade food and nice living conditions. Also, even though it depends on your choices, living in a home stay costs less. Although you will have some restrictions, but I won’t expect curfews and things that you had back at high school since you are an adult now, and hopefully they trust you with what you are doing, and frankly, they won’t even care that much since you are paying money and staying there.

There are several things that you should look for in a homestay. First, you should look for basic traits like pets or if they have kids or not and other basic stuff that you need. Recently most of the households have wireless internet, but I will just make sure to be safe. Also, you want to check their brief background and things like living conditions and stuff. You probably would want to visit them before you live with them just to make sure you are making the perfect choice. To exaggerate a little, it’s like a marriage, well, sort of.

Roommates, who you share a room with, should be chosen considerably. Good choices will help, but bad ones harm big time. You should consider if the roommate matches you. Again, it’s like marriage since you live with him, and this might not really matter, but it is a big deal. If you like to have people over and stuff like that, you might not want to live with a roommate that’s anti social and just wants to stay home all the time.

Like this, a homestay and a roommate should be carefully put into consideration because first, it’s what you live with, and second, because it’s kind of hard to change it unless there’s a decisive factor that’s blocking your way. With considerable decision, your home stay and having a roommate will be a fun and a beneficial one.

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