I love you

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Why say “I love you” if you don’t mean it? To me “I love you” is an important phrase that can be used right or abused; when I hear someone say “I love you” I look to see if I can actually see it in their eyes or if it is just empty words.
“I love you” comes from my mom when its time for bed. “I love you” comes from my family on a daily basis. “I love you” comes from my friends every day at school when we are having a good time. “I love you” came from my great grandma and when I hugged her I could smell the cookies she used to bake for me.
“I love you” is like saying good bye when you want some one to stay. When you don’t know what else to say “I love you” says it all. “I love you” is used to play tricks on people. Some don’t even get to hear “I love you” as much as they should.
“I love you” you may hear a lot, but some of us don’t hear it at all. When they lay down at night they don’t hear that sweet “I love you” from someone they love. The “I love you” that comes from my friends they might not be able to share every day like you or me. The happy “I love you” voice that came from my great grandma in the kitchen won’t even reach their heart.
What some of my friends and teacher thought and what they feel and also what they picture when they hear “I love you” is different. What Mrs. Slagel said was “to me when I hear ‘I love you’ I think of family, contentment (feels good) and I feel special, important, and worth while. Then I picture my family, the Cross, and home!”
When I asked my friend Katie about “I love you” she said “I think that they will always be there for you. I feel happy, special, loved, and cared for. Then I picture my family, boy friend and girl friend, friends and the number one thing is God on the Cross!”
Finally when I asked my fiend Lindsey about “I love you” she said she “Thinks about hearts, and happiness. She felt loved, excited, special, and the only one! Then the picture of two people holding hands with hearts all around them! ♥”
“I love you” means a lot of things but to me it means that I am the only one that can make their eyes sparkle. That I am the only one they love. I picture I am in a rose garden with the person I love and the moon is all bright and the stars are sparkling like their eyes. That’s what “I love you” means to me. What does “I love you” mean to you?

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