Mi Madre

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

What matters to you? This question has many different answers. To me however, the answer is simple. My mother, mom, mommy, mi madre, and la mere. Some people say they hate their mother, some people have never met their mother, but what most people never realize is the trouble mothers go through for their kids. When I was a baby, my mom went through many sleepless nights when I needed her, when I couldn’t stand to be without her, and when I was sick and she stayed for me. She’s amazing for all that she does for me.

My mom, matters to me because of the fact that she’s been by my side my whole life, always helping me. Most kids don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a mom, or a dad. And if my mom and I get mad at each other, we always stick it out unlike some friends who might cross your path. A few of the many things my mom does for me include my laundry, packs my lunch, drives me places, provides me with food and clothes, and etc… I love her for it. Sometimes our mothers just simply can’t stand us, yet still love us.

Even if you’re mad at your mom you should not say you wish they were gone. Because, in the end… you’ll always want them there right beside you. All in all, my mom means the world to me no matter what I think at a certain moment.

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