p is for paradise

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

My last summer was awesome. I learned how to do a lot of new stuff. I learned how to dirt bike ride and so I had to by a dirt bike. It is blue and it goes super fast. It is a Yamaha 125. That doesn’t mean that it goes 125mph. it means it has 125 cc motor. Also the rest of my family has dirt bikes so we have eight all to gather we have two extra. I love to ride know. I love the feeling that when you are in the air and flying it feels like.

I also joined a soccer team called alliance. They are a Grand Rapids team. I played an age group up in u14. Witch is with 14 and 15 year olds. That year we went all the way in the league. We did so good that we went to nationals in Florida. It was fun. We played in Tampa. We made it in to a vacation and went to Disney world. At Disney world we did or tried to do most of the rides but the lines were to huge it was hard to get to half of them. Lets get back to the soccer nationals. We came in third in the whole country and I got to play a lot even though I was playing older age groups. I had no goals but I had three assists. They were all really good teams. The teams we played were California team and a Virginia team and a Minnesota team.

I also got to go to the lake down the road. So I got to practice on my swimming and stuff. So I get to buy some new floats and stuff. Also down at the lake we find a lot of turtles. And this one time I caught a fish with my hands when I was swimming under water the things on its back cut me though.

A lot of the stuff I do in the summer is just staying at home riding my bike and making forest trails for my dirt bike. I also like to ride my mountain bike off road through those trails. I also just play with my brother a lot and practice soccer a ton. I hope to get a soccer scholarship to a good college. I am going to try to make it to the pros.

Lets talk about the summer some more. My favorite season is summer because it is hot out and because you can do any thing like from boating to golfing and to sports’ love tubing be hind the boat. I also like water skiing. I need to tell you about the place my family and I go each summer. It is a lake up north and we camp at a camp ground and boat all day. The camp ground there is wee we can leave our camper there and leave. My parents like the swim area because you can see it right from our camper. We love that place and I can’t wait to go to there again. Also the water there is so clear you can see the bottom like nine feet deep perfectly clear. Last thing is that there are sand bars in the middle of the lake and so we stop on them and swim around a snorkel you see a lot of big fish when you snorkel.

Also in the summer we like to go camping. We have a huge camper it is drive able and we love it. My mom like it because she does not really like to go but she likes that it has a flat screen and a full kitchen and a king size bed in the back for her and my dad. My dad on the other hand would love to go in a tent. He loves the out doors just like me. This one trip we took we took our tents and camped in a tent it was fun we cooked pan cakes over the fire it was good for real. We camped over a canyon and after we were done eating we saw a bald eagle and then when we were walking back I saw a white tail deer.

That is my awesome summer I hope you have enjoyed my marvelous writing.

The author's comments:
this article is about my summer

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