How To Handle A Cheat

April 23, 2009
By Dead-eyed-Author SILVER, London, Other
Dead-eyed-Author SILVER, London, Other
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Ok, it's happened to all of us. A guy goes out with you, completely gorgeous from every angle. Then suddenly you hear a rumor he's going out with HER! This is normal, as everyone wants a change now and again. Some people are manipulative, and you can't change that.

You have to think about the whole thing from a guy's prospective. He goes out with you, doesn't think much of you. He sees things in a pretty linear fashion (ie, he sizes up and compares everything against others). So he sees you, and then the hot girl he suddenly falls for.

Many things can happen at this stage, he can ;

Try not to hurt you
Dump you straight
Gradually end your relationship
Lie to you
Cheat on you

Now, of course, our focus is on the last one. If a guy cheats on you, you shouldn't worry about it. You shouldn't fret or hyperventilate when you find ut, unless after you find out he tells you he's sorry AND dumps his other girlfriend.

If a guy says he's sorry, this shows taht although he may seem uncaring on the suface, down below, he cares about you. If he does this, you have a chance of getting back in his life.

Not to mention, thre are other things that could happen. You could end up being really hurt the whole ordeal, with your cheating/ex boyfriend uncaring. Although, while you dated, you had hopes of being something great, (or at least having a good time while it lasted), if he dosn't care about you, nothing comes from you caring about him. It becomes pointless anguish you should move on from.

It's undestandable when people feel distraught when they're dumped, or find out they're being cheated on. Its human nature. Your best option in that position, to keep your dignity and self-esteem is to dump HIM.

Normally, these feelingsof guilt and anguih might kep going for a while, but they dissppear after a week or two. However, if they are intolerable, there are many ways to get over it. Take up a new hobby, do something healthy in excess that you don't normally do. Generally just have a good time, and try to imagine dating as excluded from your life for a while. Although it may be duller than your usual life, you'll be back to normal soon enough.

So no mater what happens, think "when I find the right guy, the one who's going to marry me, I won't think twice about this, and this'll never happen again"

Get in there!!!

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