The end of our story ♥ (I tried)

April 22, 2009
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to see this persons face painted with a smile makes my heart glow through all that mattered to him it mattered to me too and u know who you are so this is to falling faster than i can run and baby it was always all for you i could only do so much to keep you holding tight to me but i found some days of happieness lying within you. i need your heart beat and im scared to lose your lies that made me feel loved. i follow your every word it shows my hearts dierection and im glued to you. weather we were ever meant for eachother or not gods plans are what we never forgot because we didnt last. although your standing in clear sight of me im missing you more than anyone else and im waiting for you to see that your all im ever gonna fall for this much. Watching you like the flat screen stalker im not but baby someday youll see that when no one else wants to take your time. you need me. never as much as ive always needed you and i waited through all the feminine souls youve touched. dont forget me im still here ♥x♥x♥x♥

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