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Stevensville, Michigan

You are valid, you are not a freak. This isn't their normal, it's ours. It's okay, we're okay, we'll be okay.   I have gone through a lot, and I am still partially...
Kyncl BRONZE, Stevensville, Michigan
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"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."-Mr.Buschlen

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By Anonymous
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By Wes Williams
Grand Junction, CO
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By Denisse Rivera
Las Vegas, NV
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ch.prince BRONZE, Rimrock, Arizona
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By sundai BRONZE
Pittsburg, California
sundai BRONZE, Pittsburg, California
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Favorite Quote:
Youth is a prime example of how to live life

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By emilywiesiolek SILVER
Stafford, Virginia
emilywiesiolek SILVER, Stafford, Virginia
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I'm not stupid! I just caught it from you! You should know they did a study at Harvard and made an article warning people if you stay close to someone REEAAALLLY dumb like you, you'd become stupid. Stupidity does breed you know!

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By 4evameme BRONZE
Portsmouth, Virginia
4evameme BRONZE, Portsmouth, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
it aint disrespect if you telln the truth

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Racism MAG
By Anna
Newton, M
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By Alexis Reddington
Portage, IN


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