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Most Recent Pride & Prejudice Articles

Here are the most recent pride & prejudice articles:

Is Prejudice Injustice?
By , Ammon, ID
Have you ever heard people comment that God loves everyone? On November 16, 2015 a new policy caused a ripple effect throughout Salt Lake City, Ut and many other states. Hundreds of people who have been part of Mormon churches and are in... (more »)
Intolerance: An Analysis of Racial Intolerance... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Over the past century, racism and intolerance have caused 62 million men, woman, and children to perish. These deaths have taken place in numerous forms including Government-Supported ethnic cleansing, forced suicides, war crimes, terrorism,... (more »)
That Mixed Girl
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The first time I really took notice of my race was when I came with my father to work. At the time, he rented out bounce arounds and other party supplies. This time, the party was in the hood.    I was six and thus excused to play with the... (more »)
Star Wars: The Feminism Awakens
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Star Wars. Possibly the largest and most-followed franchise on earth. Originating in 1997, the legendary tales of Jedi force and fighting against the dark side, the Star Wars movies have become a much-loved part of many people's lives. Now... (more »)
By , Farmers Branch, TX
I don’t think my shoulders, belly button,legs are going to be a distraction to any male students/ faculty. Dress code is shaming girls for how they dress but girls should not be measured by how they dress but by who they are as a person.When... (more »)
Domestic Violence
By , carrolton, TX
Did you know that in the united states, domestic violence 35.6% of women and 28.5% of men have experienced some form of domestic violence.     Domestic violence includes rape,physical violence ,or stalking.However the wife or... (more »)
Two Choices
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There is a question that doesn't stop roaming in my head. It almost feels like I'm lost between two conditions, two ways of living life, two choices. Which one to choose? I keep thinking about it over and over again only to find out... (more »)
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Most people will tell you the "A" in the anagram "LGBTQIA" stands for "Ally." The truth is, it doesn't. The "A" stands for Aromantics and Asexuals. Even in the LGBTQIA community, these two are overlooked and forgotten. What exactly are... (more »)
The True Meaning of Feminism
By , Phoenix, AZ
For years women have been degraded and given unfair treatment due to their gender. They are looked at unequally when it comes to jobs, politics, sports, and more. Women stood up and said enough is enough, bringing about the feminist movement.... (more »)
Idiotic Questions This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
“Can I ask you a question?” “Sure, go ahead.” I watch as you slowly make your way toward me, casually looking around. You avoid eye contact, as though I don’t already know that you want to ask me the same... (more »)
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My Simmering Identity This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Rochester, NY
This young woman’s identity is a beautiful mess. She is a deaf artist, half Puerto Rican woman with a cochlear implant. She experienced her parents’ divorce at a young age and was raised by her mother. She visited her low-income... (more »)
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Why Feminism is a Positive Movement
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“I don’t need feminism because I am NOT a delusional, disgusting, hypocritical, MAN-HATER! I respect men, and they respect me!” Feminism is a dirty word in many people’s minds. It means, “man-hater”, s***... (more »)
A Matter of Gender
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From a very young age I was aware that there was something peculiarly different about my family’s perspective on gender equality. For starters, I was the child of two relatively young parents who had never gotten married (this always... (more »)
What America Needs: Gun Control
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The United States has the most gun violence in the world; since 1997 the United States has had 51 mass shootings. Resulting in more than 200 deaths, due to lack of gun control. My passion is gun control. Three years ago The Sandy Hook... (more »)
Corrupted Movements
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Over 650,000 dead. More dying every day. You’ve been at war for years, but nothing is happening except more death. One man decides to make the war end by sheer force. Pulling together the troops he commands, he starts marching across the... (more »)
Dangers of Gentrifiction
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If you walk through North Portland, you might notice a few things. You might notice the tea house. You might notice the quirky gift shops. You might think “this is a nice place to live” after spending time in the park. But you... (more »)
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