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Here are the most recent pride & prejudice articles:

Say No to Absolutes
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There are no absolutes. Despite this fact, many of us prefer black and white statements because the wishy-washy gray zone conveys a sense of unpredictability. Even those who explore the in-between retreat to the end zones for assurance. By doing... (more »)
Feminism VS Anti-Feminism
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I was on Facebook the other day when I came across an increasingly popular Facebook group called “Women Against Feminism”. Intrigued I visited their page to find out what they were all about. “Women Against Feminism” is a page where... (more »)
Allow the World to Be your Runway
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This is just a short story and what I learned from it. I was really bored one day and so decided to try out some makeup and a curling wand that I had bought earlier this week. After some foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, and lipstick-... (more »)
The Dreamer Oddity
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There I was, first column and front row, sitting by my desk which abruptly sided the wall surface. Brick by brick it grew tough and compact into that dull box which suited as classroom, students filling in all square and accurate. It actually felt... (more »)
Two Separate Worlds
By , Christiana, TN
Irony. The key word that fits everything together. It's on your side for awhile and then the odds are against you. This is how the word is played at a disadvantage. My parents had always told me "you can tell us anything. Please, tell us... (more »)
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The Closet This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Unknown, VA
They shouldn't call it being in the closet, they should call it being buried alive. Hundreds of pounds of weight crush your chest, suffocating you. It's slowly killing you; you're driven mad by the weight of your secret. And your only option, your... (more »)
Powerful Girls, Not Beautiful Fools This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“You always look so cool.” This is what Daisy Buchanan, a woman so affluent that her voice literally sounds like money, says to Jay Gatsby, the man who will love nobody like he loves her. You know what’s not cool? Recall that time that Daisy... (more »)
The Voice of Women
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Us teenage girls that are growing up in the 21st century are growing up differently than the previous generations before us. Some say we are growing up in a better generation, some say it’s worse. It all depends on the outlook you have on it.... (more »)
Just a Friend
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There is a very ugly rumor floating about that has said through some people, that people who are Autistic or in my case Asbergers prefer, and often want to be alone; this statement is a total misunderstanding which comes from the fact the name... (more »)
Who Are You?
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Who has any right to judge me? We all have our own stories. We all have our own struggles. We all have our own beliefs. We all have our own fears. We all have our own faults. We all have our own failures. We all have our own... (more »)
The Secret
By , anonymous, United States
*trigger warning* He was your average, typical teenager. With scruffy, inky hair and twinkling eyes, nothing about him made him stick out or seem unusual. He was always laughing and smiling, He was known as one of the happiest, most care-free... (more »)
America's Typical White Girl
By , Cupertino, CA
I’m white. Caucasian. Whatever you want to call me. I am from European descent—Ireland and Germany to be specific. My skin is the color of a flour tortilla, embellished with brown freckles and a few scabs. I’m white. That’s usually the... (more »)
The World In Which We Live
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I was recently in a Mock Trial class, where we were going to work on a fairytale case, just for fun. We list of some fairytales and possible crimes in them. Some of them surprised me. I didn't think there would be so much sexual assault in... (more »)
The Dress Code
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As the temperature rises, so do hemlines and the suspension rate. Students are suspended for violating school dress codes by wearing outfits that are deemed ‘showing too much skin’. It is argued that revealing clothing is distracting, but some... (more »)
Why We Shouldn't "Ban Bossy"
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There’s a campaign going on at the moment, backed by women as influential and diverse as Condoleezza Rice, Beyoncé, and Sheryl Sandberg. The movement would have us ban the word “bossy” from everyday discourse, and especially prevent the... (more »)
Wasian and Proud
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In my sixteen years I have been called several things; smart, beautiful, mature, gifted. These praises are a catalyst for a self-esteem boost. I feel beautiful, effervescent, unstoppable. Just as often I hear the cruel words: mutt, wasian, chink,... (more »)
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