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Here are the most recent pride & prejudice articles:

The Q Word This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Like every person on the planet, I am a lot of things. I’m female. I’m a teenager. I’m an avid star-gazer. I’m obsessed with miniature cacti. I’m a poet. I’m sarcastic. I’m weirdly good at opening lids. I’m an empath. I’m a... (more »)
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The Flag Is Not the Problem
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In light of the recent shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina house of worship, a lot of people have rallied to support the community—and a lot of people have rallied to remove the Confederate flag from public view.  The historic flag,... (more »)
I Wish It Were Tuesday
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When I read about the church shooting in Charleston yesterday, I cried. In the comfort of my room, seemingly lightyears away, I found the computer screen blurring before my eyes. I exited the window and tried to forget. I wish it were Tuesday,... (more »)
The Transgender Situation
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It's always been a subject I've had a difficult time getting my head around, and I know I'm not the only one. We've got a long way to go in learning to accept those wanting to change their gender or who identify with another... (more »)
The Bible Belt - One Size Does Not Fit All
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When you have lived in one place all your life, you become accustomed to certain things. These things begin to become a normal part of your everyday life. Living in Texas for sixteen years, all my life, I became used to abnormally hot summers,... (more »)
Straight Until Proven Otherwise
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Good day my presumably straight fellow readers! I am right in assuming that? That you must be straight, in the heteronormative society that we all live in it would be downright absurd to think that at this age you would know that you were... (more »)
The F-Word This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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Feminism. That one word can stir up an unbelievable amount of controversy. When I tell people I’m a feminist, it seems as though I get nothing but negative reactions. An angry look and an outraged “Why do you hate men?” A... (more »)
The Way We See Beauty
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Everybody has days where they feel like an unattractive slug, unwanted and discarded, the ugly duckling of society. It’s not a great feeling when every time you look in the mirror, all you can see is endless flaws: a pimple on your nose that... (more »)
Teenagers Are Human Too
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Unfortunately I am a teenage girl, with, unsurprisingly, opinions. I have political views, views of society and this article is a rant on these two things. Are you still here? I’m impressed! Most people would read the word teenage and run... (more »)
Is Generation Z the Laziest Generation Ever?
Sitting on their bed. Staring blankly at their phone. Constantly on Twitter and Facebook, but disconnected from the world. This is Generation Z. Sitting at their computer. Working hard on a million school projects at once. Reading the news, and... (more »)
Pity Party This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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My enemy, the media, is unrelenting. Through endless magazine ads, movies, and TV commercials, it has been pounded into my skull that I am not pretty enough or thin enough to meet society's standards. My mom says I'm pretty, but... (more »)
Acceptance Not Ignorance
By , San Francisco, CA
When I was younger, I was an ignorant child. It wasn't my fault. I grew up in a strict household and any news from the “outside world” would go through my parents or my school first. My parents and teachers wanted to raise a sweet innocent... (more »)
The Real Marin City
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Whenever I walk in to Burger King to buy my daily 10-piece chicken nuggets, it seems like there is a little white kid breaking his neck just to look at me. Should this make me feel special or concerned for the little kid? Younger white kids from... (more »)
Women in the Progressive Era
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During the Progressive Era, middle-class reformers addressed many of the problems that had contributed to the social turmoil of the 1890s. Problems, such as immigrants overcrowding in tenement slums, with high rates of diseases and infant... (more »)
Caramel Is Not a Color
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"Wow, you are the whitest black girl I know." It was a comment I had long grown accustomed to hearing, one I never put too much thought into. It was funny at first, ironic. But sitting here at lunch with my friends speaking the way I... (more »)
Dialogue on the Unavoidable “Race... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   I approach the topic fearful of the unsurpassable barrier you’ve been taught to keep up; afraid that my words, though we speak the same language, will sound like a foreign tongue, and that you’ll treat them no different... (more »)
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