If You Believe in Equality, You're a Feminist.

February 8, 2018
By TishaS BRONZE, Forth Worth, Texas
TishaS BRONZE, Forth Worth, Texas
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Feminism isn't ¨cancer¨ or “radicalism¨ or whatever a white teen boy would call it. According to the dictionary, feminism is ¨the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.¨ In dull, dumb down words is to support equal rights, and who doesn't want equality? Feminism is vital to society and to anyone who has been oppressed and discriminated, it helps people overcome their obstacles and doesn’t restrain anyone from being who they are.

Society has pushed certain images and ideals on what women and men should be and be act. Even now we are still pressed to become a lovely lady to be married like a cow ready to be sold. Men are expected to be this big macho man, who are the only one competent to  brings home the money while the wife is pushing out babies right and left. Even as a child young girls are showed to be sweet pink princesses who wait to be there prince. Boys are taught that it’s girly to cry that showing emotions is something a girl would do. Those expectation leave an emontonal mark on boys who are afraid to express themselves. Feminism is the fight that wants break down these gender roles. Would you want your children to be raised into a restraining world?

From the 1800s we have advanced, we have created faster and quicker cars, acres of railroads that stretch across the United States.  Man has created many astonishing technologies, but man has also created social constructs. We haven't advanced enough to end unequal pay, rape, oppression, or child marriage. Feminism can help overcome these, people marched for women's suffrage and we got the right to vote. People marched more equality amongst black people and the Jim Crow laws were abolished. There’s is nothing a strong-willed person can’t do. So why stop for half and half. You can say “Woman already have the right to vote work, so why do we have have a lady in the office or a woman in high position?” It’s because it’s deemed normal to see a white man in office or become a CEO. We want, for instead of them seeing a woman as a secretary  or a nurse, little girls to know that it’s normal for there to be strong women.

Four of ten of LGBTQ+  youth has been in a home that doesn’t support their ways. Forty percent of hate crimes are targeted towards someone's skin tone.  I could write down how many of the LGBTQ+ kids are apart of the homeless percentage or how many POC have been harassed or accused of something based off of their skin tone but I won’t because the numbers are too high. We can’t do nothing about this because if we don't’ stop fighting against the discrimination, in the future it will be acceptable to tease someone based off of their skin tone/ religion/ sexual orientation. People aren’t “Snowflakes”, because this isn’t the the 60s where the white man can get away with anything without having any repercussions or consequences. Feminism is for everyone, and it welcomes people no matter what. It doesn’t oppress anyone, it fights for everyone's equality not just the white women.

White feminism isn't a describing a white woman, but it s describing a type of feminism in where which they only for white people’s rights. They don’t fight for Black Lives Matter, or Dreamers for Daca, or Pro Choice, they only wear their pink hats on January 20th and stash it away for the rest of the year. So don’t argue against us that we’re “Feminazis”. People can’t believe in equal right and not be a feminist because that’s what a feminist does. You don't have to have a degree in woman’s study or a phd in communications. You just have to be passionate and willing to be one.  This is a fight worth fighting for! Don’t you want to tell your kids that you were in the revolution that overthrew the patriarchy?

Feminism is not a bad word, so don’t be afraid to use it.  The embodiment of feminism is no an angry woman getting “triggered”. Feminism is meant for everyone. No one is asking for a boats full of gold or fleets of cars, but we are asking for equality, to be treated as the same as anyone else. There has to be something in this world in this that stands up for the injustice that happens around the world.  We don't have Superman so we have to create our own strength,  no one is just going to hand equality to you, you have to fight for it show the world how unfair and cruel it is. It was society put chains around our hands, but it is up to us to break free.

The author's comments:

Feminism is a big part of my life. My parents left their home country so I could succede in America. As a young brown girl, I've dealt with opression and discrimination many time in my life, and feminism haas helped me become more of a peson. It opened me up, it made me embrace my ethnicity and skin tone. If feminism helped me become more confident and proud of who I am, it can help you too.

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