February 7, 2018
By aestheticqueen BRONZE, Commerce, California
aestheticqueen BRONZE, Commerce, California
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So I was having a conversation the other da,a nd my friend said somethhing that really rubbed on me the wrong way. Because she made a joke about a racial man. And when I asked her why, she said it was because she can. But you can also drink and drive and you can aslo smoke pot. So just because you can doesn't mean you can't not and yes I understand it was really funny. And I know Russell Peters goes up on stage and does it for moeny. But thes comments can be really mean. And i know the world is not a wish-granting machine but it would be nice to stop this hate. It doesn't matter the time, palce, or date, it doesn't matter if it's on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram. It could really be offensive, or just like that movie White Chicks becuase all it does is stereotype people into one group. To be honest it's not that funny if you're not in the loop. So it's now a week later and me and my friend were talking face to face, and she made a comment about another race, I was like, " oh s*** here we go again." And I stopped for a second and thought to myself, " What if I was asian and not so good at switthcing lanes?" Would another bad asian driver joke fill me with pain. And what if I was Jewish and my nose was kinda big would I have to do surgery to take refuge? You know I'm a proud Latina, so why am I responsible for " over population" of the country. So what if my ucle has a green card, so what if my family is a little bit draker than your family, so what if I call my grandma "abuelita" and my last name is Olea not "Oleea" and if I need to fight for my rights, well s*** I'm ready. Because it shouldn't be majority rules to get what I need, but the governent is to busy testing nuclear weapons to explode North Korea. Because making these jokes is not cool and just cause your friend laughs doesn't mean it's okay. Becuase being racist is not oaky.We need to stop this , and we nedd to stop today.

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