Definition of Feminist

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

In earlier times, women were taught that they shouldn't be seen or heard. The phrase “women belong in the kitchen” stemmed from this time. This, of course, was the perfect world for a man, while the women dreamed of doing bigger and better thing with their lives; and so a movement was formed. Women soon fought for their rights and their ability to wear pants like any other decent citizen. Feminist is a term largely misused and misunderstood nowadays. It started out as a word that described a woman empowered and willing to fight for her rights. Now, people use it as a demeaning word or in a bad connotation to describe a woman that has taken the “fight” too far and has gone into a spiral of unproved accusations against the male species.

The definition of feminist is a person who's beliefs and behavior are based on belief in or advocacy of women's social, political, and economic rights, especially with regard to equality of the sexes. The word didn't gain widespread acknowledgement until the 1970's; however Katherine Hepburn, a famous American actress at the time, mentioned it in the film Women of the Year in 1942. Women have always been silently fighting for what they know should be their rights. From late 1800s to early 1900s, women mainly fought for their right to vote and to own property along with other basic rights such as the opportunity for good jobs that men had, that they were denied. In the 1960s women banded together in a strong united front to tackle legal and social rights for women. The main word that feminists use is "equality". The women who fought for their rights didn't want to be better than the male species. They wanted to be just a good as them. Women wanted the same treatment and opportunities as any other man out there. Of course in today's society, woman are ridiculed and laughed at for continuing to fight for their rights. Many people think they have done their share of it and need to relax, even with unsafe work places and a slight difference in pay. Women have come a long way and are still fighting. Being a feminist is something that should be celebrated and shown in a positive light for future generations to come. Not only for females but for males too, in order to accept that women are their equals and their peers. Because men are not superior to women; they are equal.


In today’s society especially, our lives revolve around social media and entertainment. Many celebrities do talk about this specific social battle and ask for people’s support. Many celebrities have even attended walk and rallies for women’s rights. Alongside this, the entertainment industry shows feminism in many lights and helps people understand that it can have multiple meanings. In the entertainment industry, they show feminism as an empowerment, from being a single mother to working in the business world and rising to the top. Women are making waves and they are being noticed. The entertainment industry also shows that you don't have to be female in order to be a feminist. An example of a non-female feminist is Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, he was raised by powerful women and tended to respect and see them as an equal. This character showed that you don't have to be female to want to fight for women's rights. If you find it unsatisfactory that a human being doesn't have the same rights as you, you should fight for the equality of it.


For any fight or word, there is always a negative side to share, which could either grow and consume the word or it dwindles out and people accept the word for how it should be used. On social media feminists are dragged through the metaphorical mud. They were laughed at for their reasons to secure a better life. In entertainment, there is always the villain who doesn't believe that a woman can stand and fight whether it be verbally or physically. Of course though, on social media the people getting attacked always have a comeback or make a decision to ignore the insistent negativity thrown their way. In the entertainment industry, the doubter always became a believer in the female or was defeated. This shows that the negative connotation of this specific word is on the decline, leaving the positive connotation on the rise.


In conclusion, the word feminist is not in any way supposed to be used to demean or insult a person. Instead it should be used to encourage and empower people to fight for the equality of male and female no matter their own specific gender. Feminist, a word tied directly to equality, it is here to stay for as long as needed until such a time that woman are secure in their rights and inferiority to men no longer exists

The author's comments:

This piece is about the definition of feminist and how society as a whole tends to react to it and an opinionated essay that states that change. I also wrote this for school.

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