Black Is Beauty

December 11, 2017
By Shenell BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
Shenell BRONZE, Birmingham, Other
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For some unknown reason the colour black is always associated with bad things. Black magic, blackmail, black sheep, the list goes on. As a child the most popular doll was a white Barbie doll and that was the toy everyone desired to receive. Why? That remains a mystery. No-one ever wanted to play with the black doll because the black doll was always seen as ugly. I have had numerous people tell me “you’re actually pretty for a black girl.” Don’t give me that backhanded compliment. Why can’t I just be pretty? So apparently black girls can’t be pretty? Is it only white girls that can be seen as attractive? It is shocking that this is the society we are still living in, in 2017. I once asked a white boy if he would ever date a black girl and he told me that “black girls are too argumentative and ratchet. They are too loud!” I’m sorry, what?! You cannot generalise one person’s behaviour to the entire black girl population. Nevertheless, anybody of any ethnicity can be loud and argumentative. As for the “ratchet” comment, I’m not even going to start on that.

The divide between the colour of our skins doesn’t seem to be ending. Growing up being black was portrayed as a bad thing. Black people are allegedly stupid and will not amount to much. The system does make it hard for us to progress up the social ladder. I feel like I must fight ten times harder to achieve what I want to achieve. I certainly don’t receive any white privileges. I attend a selective state sixth form situated in a predominately white area. When I sit in my lessons and I glance around the classroom I feel singled out being not just the only black girl, but one of the only black people. Please explain to me why everyone stares at me when we touch on the history of black people. Leaving me to awkwardly stare down at my book. Just because I am black, it doesn’t mean I know about everything to do with my history.

Dear 2018, can we please change this? Can we please live in a society where people see more than just the colour of your skin? We are all human. Nothing is going to change unless we all make the effort.

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