What Is Feminism?

November 8, 2017
By IlovePATD BRONZE, Orient , Ohio
IlovePATD BRONZE, Orient , Ohio
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The dictionary definition for feminism is, the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. To me, feminism is a way for people (especially women) to show their opinion on gender roles and the ability of genders to do a specific job. What feminism stands for should be a no brainer, there shouldn’t have to be a movement for a gender to get treated equally. Every gender is human and all humans are born equal, so they shouldn’t have to fight for equality. This may be true in some aspects but women are still considered to be lesser than a man. Feminism isn’t just some silly movement, it’s a way of life. It’s a statement, showing strength and ability.

Feminism can be compared to any war that was part of history, just that the war of feminism is less violent and more of a moral war rather than a physical war.  To some people feminism may be viewed as a useless or extreme movement, they may even think that women are just as equal as a white male. Feminism is a woman’s way of showing that they are equal to men. It’s a war against hate, discrimination, and sexism. In some people’s eyes, feminism may seem a little over the top but the feminist movement has gotten women many of the rights that we have today. It shouldn’t be looked at as ridiculous or over the top because that’s what every war is for. The United States has had to go to war multiple times to gain and maintain freedom, which is what the feminist movement is doing. If it’s truly thought about, there isn’t really that big of a difference between the two.
When people think about feminism, one of the first things that may come to mind is the hating of men. This is not what the feminist movement represents, it’s a movement of equality not hate. There are some feminists who may give the idea that they hate men but that is not what true feminism is. These feminists should not negatively affect the way that the feminist movement is viewed as a whole. The feminists who do think this way are a branch of the original movement and belief that represents equality. Feminism has gotten a bad reputation from the feminists who hate men, because they have made the whole movement seem fueled by hatred like a fire is fueled by wood. The wicked words of the branch of feminists fueling the negative fire geared towards the feminist movement.

Feminism is not a negative thing, it is not meant to be a harmful or hateful movement. Feminism is meant to show the strength of women that is taken away by society. It is meant to show the ability of women to do tasks that are typically labeled as male tasks. “...90% of women have suffered sexual discrimination in the workplace including offensive sexist remarks or being told they could not do their job properly due to their sex” (Springer’s journal of Law and Human Behaviour). This quote from a study performed by Springer’s journal of Law and Human Behaviour concludes that women are often seen as weaker or lesser in the work force just because of their sex. Feminism gives these women a voice and a platform to voice the everyday struggles that they face just from being female. What is feminism? Feminism is hope, given to women facing sexism, discrimination, and sexual abuse. Feminism is the hope that someday everyone will be seen as equals and not just judged by their sex or gender. 

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