Woman's Rights

October 17, 2017
By Melanin-Princess BRONZE, Houston , Texas
Melanin-Princess BRONZE, Houston , Texas
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August 18, 1920 was the day that women in the United States got to celebrate their success on, winning the right to vote. That day was a winning day for the women in the U.S. Naturally the role of a women consist of staying at home, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children; while the men go out and make the money. Many years ago women were not even considered citizens and just seen as property; they were also told that they could not do a man’s job. Now to think about it that did not seem fair. Even today women are being told that they have to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and they can not play sports since it's a man’s game. Women should be treated fairly, and they should be able to do the things men can do, and not get told they can't do it because of their gender.

Although, women continue to do the same things as men, it isn’t easy for them; according to the information in “The Cost of Inequality: For Women, Progress Slows As Power Nears” “women still make up only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs, and 19% of Congress.” They’re often steered into lower paying jobs and when they find out a female employee has became pregnant they force them out of work of fire them. People generally know that women’s salaries remain about 77%percent of men’s salaries. What a lot of people don’t usually see of the loss in terms of human potential when women don’t make it to the top. “A woman who hasn’t graduated college typically earns 67% less per year, than a woman with a bachelor degree,” says the information in “5 problems woman still face in 2017”. This demonstrates on how women lack jobs due to not enough education. Education is proven as the better most effective way to empower women for lifelong success.

Even though, women get payed less than men, they have a very likely chance of living in poverty too. Of the nation’s 14.5 million poor children, more than half live in families headed by women. Think about all those women and children, without the proper housing or proper education. According to the “2016 U.S. Census Bureau Data” “women are 35%more likely than men to live in poverty, also 1 in 3 single mothers lived in poverty in 2015.” Women experience higher rates of poverty because they’re most likely to be under-compensated, overrepresented in low wage jobs. I think women have made a massive impact and contribution to society over the years, for example Susan B. Anthony with women’s right to vote. Also Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan who helped send a NASA astronaut into space. These women have impacted so many lives around the world. Just because your a women doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference. In addition, women don’t get justice when involved in assault cases. Approximately 1 in 4 women are homeless because of violent crimes committed against them. Many of these women struggle with substance abuse. Most women would either end up dead or badly injured for not reporting the abuse. Women are mostly victims of sexual or domestic abuse and when they report it, they’ed let the prosecutor walk away or get a small sentence. The government isn’t doing enough to protect the women in America.

In the end, people have a lot of arguments about women's rights. They say that women already have equal rights, so there’s no need for protest. They also say that women are too feminist and are work because they are too in touch with their emotions and cry over everything. What people say about women are wrong. Women are not soft, they are stronger than cause they go through pain way worse than men. The reason women have the protest is to show people what the society and the government have put about them. To show the people that they will stop at nothing to get the respect they deserve. Women are meant to treated fairly and with care, women can do some things as men and no one can stop that. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this article for people to see the struugles that women go through eveyday and how they are treated. I hope when people read this article it will open a new persepective on how women are being treated.

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