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June 19, 2017
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Someone once told me that an immigrant is an "ALIEN" or someone who is "taking" something from America: Space. But no, immigrants are not people who you can just point out in the street. Immigrant are people who are looking for opportunity, they are trying to escape the harm of their country.

If America cannot be the gas station or the shelter for immigrants, then America is not THE  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Well now, I need to tell you something, we are The United States of America: Don't deport the mother while the children stay in America. Don't deport the men back into a war­ ravaged country. Instead educate the children, feed the men and once their car is filled with gas let them drive their own future.

I do not like the term immigrant, so let me say PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. People of  The World have so much talent, everyone has a talent in something. We as Americans should be proud that many people in the world come to America, because this is one of the few countries where People of The World can grow their talents. Their talents can help the world, their talents can help America: This is why it is good to live in an immigrant full world.

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