English Has It All Mixed Up

June 24, 2017
By valkyrie12310 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
valkyrie12310 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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Sometimes I think English has the wrong idea.Take Spanish or French. The adjective comes after the noun. And in the age we live in now, we need to look at the nouns more than ever.

A gay boy is still a boy. A black man is still a man. The adjective changes nothing about how these people are humans and deserve human rights. Viewing people by adjectives makes us blind and cruel. It makes us forget that they too are people. And as much as I hate to mention Nazi’s, yes, Nazi’s. Horrible things happen when we pretend the noun doesn’t exist. We begin to dehumanize fellow mankind and that is unacceptable.

You, as just another kid, teen, adult, reading this might awkwardly smile a little and go “I would never go that far.” But the thing is, every time you use the word f** like a hate crime, every time you call someone a n*****, everytime you think of using a word like that, you’re bringing us closer to a world where everyone looks at your adjectives and doesn’t see you, the human. And that scares me.

I am an Asian girl who does not fit in. I am much taller than my peers. I can read for hours. I am bisexual. I only wear Hot Topic t-shirts. Edgy, I know. All my life, I never liked playing with girls, and people have speculated about me. Since 5th grade, in fact. Do you know what that does to a eleven year old? It hurts and confuses. I’ve been called names. And not a single one of those horrible words mentioned what I really am, a human. I am a human, just like you. My skin might be a different color. My hobbies are different. My sexuality is different. I am not like you. But yet, I am. Because I am human and you are too. Please think about that.

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on Aug. 5 2017 at 5:42 pm
valkyrie12310 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
7 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Thanks a lot!

on Aug. 5 2017 at 7:41 am
wordcalamity BRONZE, Potomac, Maryland
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I agree with the points you made in this article, great job!

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