LGBT Discrimination

June 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and more. They are human too. They bleed the same blood as us, breath the same air and they come from the same place as us. It's not a choice or decision for them. It's just a part of who they are.

My mother taught me that if you like girls and you are a girl or if you are a boy and you like boys, it doesn’t matter because that is just who you are and no one has the right to judge you. My brother’s dad taught me that only a man and a women should be together. He was raised that way and he is very religious. He tried to pass it on to my brother and me but we never listened. As a young child, I was confused on what to think. I went to church as a child a lot and would listen to the preacher talk about the LGBT people. I would never understand how it was wrong. Love is love. It shouldn’t matter if it is the same sex or not. It is that person’s choice and right to be with who they want to be. No one has the right to judge other people just because they are different. Everyone has something that people can judge them for, that doesn't mean that people can judge them for it.
It would always hurt me to see how people treated the LGBT people and to hear was probably worse. The imagination is a very powerful thing. To imagine what people said and did to people was scary for a young child. People have no filters when they want to bash LGBT people. A small child could be right beside them and they would still say that all of them need to die and rot in hell. Parents teach their child that if you feel any kind of attract to the same sexs, its bad and god will hate you. In the bible it clearly says that god loves everyone. It even says in the bible “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

It has been scientifically proven that a child with same sex parents or a transgender parent are not more likely to have emotional problems or have problems with emotional development. They will grow up as normal as any child with opposite sex marriages or not a transgender parent. That doesn't include the factors that the children are born with or being bullied or where they live or what color they are. No matter who the parents are, children will have good and bad times. The children might even have an advantage over kids who don't have a parent that is part of the LGBT community. The parents that are lesbian or gay or transgender can't physically have kids but they can adopt. That is a choice for them. They can't have an accidental pregnancy.The kids might be better off because the parents are prepare for the child while an opposite sex couple might not even want children. A child that has a LGBT parent will be more accepting, open minded, tolerant, and compassionate.

A child that grows up with parents, who are against LGBT, will be less open minded, more sheltered and have unjustified hate towards others. They won’t understand how things work with the LGBT community. They have a disadvantage in life. They wouldn't be able to work with people from the community because of the hatred they feel towards that person. Let's say that a kid named Jeremy grows up in a family where his parents disagree with LGBT and they believe all the things the church says. Jeremy grows up think the same but he has a litle doubt about it. In 10th grade, there is a new kid at jeremy school, the new kid is gay but jeremy doesn't know that. He befriends the new kid. They get really close and one day his friend tells him he is gay and his friend leans in to kiss him. Jeremy, growing up hearing that this is wrong, kisses him back. Jeremy and the friend get into a relationship but they hide it. Somehow Jeremy’s parents find out. They give him an option break up with his “friend” and go to this special camp that helps with the “problem” Jeremy has or to leave and never come back. Think about how Jeremy is feeling. His family that he loves very dearly just told him that either he has to change who he is or to leave forever. Jeremy is just a teenager. He doesn't understand how to live on his own and how life works. If you were in Jeremy's shoes, what would you do? Would you leave your family and never come back? Or would you change who you are just because your family can’t see that you are happy how you are?

People like that are the reason people are still in the closet. They are scared of their love ones not accepting them and the violence and the judging people will do. Some people have the courage to be open about their sexuality but they still go through bad things. It's a struggle to hide who you truly are. Its because of closed minded people. They can't understand that love is love and no one should change that. It is mostly gay men who stay in the closet. Most people are chill with females being with that same sex but they can't stand gay men. Why is that? What's the difference? Is it because men are supposed to be the role models? Or is it because of how they have sex? It is not anyones busy of their sex life. If you don't like it then why do you think of it? People don’t mind bisexual females. Bisexual men? That is a complete different story for some reason. They like both just like the females like both.

Think of the pain and fear they all feel. They all hear the stories about how how some men are just assaulted for being gay or  how some women are raped because they are lesbian. In other countries people are killed for being themselves and in other countries they are accepted. Transgender people are a different story. In some places they don't even allow people to change genders. Some transgender people don't have a choice in the matter either. People think that just because they changed their gender, it was their choice. Some parents have their kids genders changed at birth because it was not the gender they wanted. Some people are hurt in their places where they have to change their genders. The reason most people changed is because they don't feel themselves as the gender they are.

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