Police Brutality

June 1, 2017
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Have you ever heard about Police Brutality on the news? Well it is a very common thing now in days in the United States. Police Brutality is when police hurt or kill people who don't deserve that punishment. Most of the times it is for unnecessary reasons like speeding or jaywalking. In the United States, police brutality must be stopped.

One thing that police do is they hurt and kill civilians, when they don’t even deserve it. Most of the time it happens to black people. For some reason, in a study it is twice for a black man to die rather than a white. Also there are protests happening because of police brutality across the country. In Chicago, a man named Alton Sterling was shot and killed by a police officer. Near that time more than 100 protesters went around Chicago honoring Alton Sterling. Another thing that is happening is that cops are not getting in trouble for this. A study went out saying that 97% of cops who were involved with police brutality were innocent. Cops should stop hurting and killing innocent people.

One thing that police should do is to only kill people if it is necessary. Sometimes they cops make false claims that they have weapons when they actually don't. Three fourths of people who are killed by cops do have weapons, but it's still not good to kill that innocent one fourth of people. A lot of the time the people are killed for speeding or jaywalking. In Sacramento, a cop threw a man to the ground and shot him for jaywalking. Another thing is a man was speeding and a cop pulled him over, he didn’t listen to something he said so the cop started beating him. They should make more laws for cops so they can’t do this stuff.

Another thing that happens to cops is that they’re not getting arrested for hurting and abusing people. When they kill, hurt, attack, and shoot people, most of the time they don’t get any time in jail. There was a cop that admitted to killing someone for no good reason, and he is dealing with life in prison. I think that all these other bad cops should get life in prison as well as making more crimes to stop this from happening. For example, murderers get a lot of time in prison, but when cops kill people they don’t get any punishment most of the time.

Around the country, some people don’t agree that cops should be punished. On a website, it shows that the “blue lives matter” movement is one of the most bies things and that it should not be ok. Do you think that cops should do whatever they want to keep the area safe?

So cops kill innocent people, beat them so they're in very bad pain, they don't get in trouble, and go way to bad punishments for certain laws. So after all these quotes and facts, do you think that cops who break the law should be punished?

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