LGBT Discrimination

March 30, 2017
By , Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Even though it’s been a topic since forever, LGBT is still a very sensitive and controversial matter. LGBT is when you find the same sex or both males and females attractive in a romantic way . Many people still find it weird and abnormal.Without us acknowledging it, LGBT discrimination is still going on. But I just don’t get a mindset of a homophobe.

Last month, because I was busy and my parents were not home,  I asked my gay neighbor, Aiden, to help babysit my brother for 30 minutes. Despite such sudden request, he helped babysit my brother. After learning that he was actually writing his essay that was due tomorrow when I asked him to help me, I was very touched. He even gave my brother two toy cars and some fruit. Aiden had also previously helped my family many times, too.

Despite many episodes like that, many Asians in general still have a stereotypical image to the LGBT community as being dirty or degradable. Compared to the past, people have become much more open-minded and accepted their difference.

Although many have completely no problems with the community, countless others are still very old-fashioned. Gay or lesbian couples are afraid of showing affection in public due to verbal and physical threats. A picture of a lesbian couple holding hands is censored in a yearbook due to complaint letters from a group of homophobic students (Reporter). This happened 2012 at Palmer School in Colorado Spring. The yearbook staff were told by advisor to remove picture of homosexual couple from the relationship page. . It’s just ridiculous how homophobia is an arguable and sensitive topic . It’s like saying I have Arrhenphobia or Androphobia because they are apparently inhuman, or disgusting. Arrhenphobia or Androphobia is a fear of male. Why does a lesbian couple have to be censored, for they are in love. What’s wrong with that? Would you censor a girl and boy holding hands? Probably not. Because there’s nothing wrong with it.

There’s nothing wrong with being true to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with showing the world another color, another 

You see, lesbians and gays are just normal human beings like us. They eat, they sleep, they go to the toilet, they have feelings and they love like us. So what’s wrong with that?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

What about children? If they marry each other, how would they make children.Well, they could adopt babies, go to egg or sperm bank or could just not have kids.“76 percent said it would lead to the breakdown of the traditional family and would not be in the best interests of the child(Daily).” Ok, what is that? Why do people have that kind of mindset? Why is it not “ideal” for a homosexual couple to raise a child? I mean, they would probably raise the child to be kind, open-minded and obviously not judgemental. Gays and Lesbians are fully capable of raising a kid, for they are just like others. Sorry to break it to you, but homosexuals are humans, and you know who else is also human? You and me.

Many people can say that it's abnormal and that there were originally 2 genders: females and males. But you know what, there’s 4 more now, and there is like absolutely nothing wrong about that. It’s just like some new addition, what’s the problem?


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