March 3, 2017
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What is poverty, when most people think of poverty they think of the world and the government well it’s not about that poverty is about when people or family are poor and don’t have a lot of money also it can also be very depressing.

Today world and generation is so much different poverty may have the definition of anybody who lives paycheck to paycheck and for some others poverty is living under a bridge belongings in a shopping cart or in a duffle bag mostly garbage bags the entire world is affected in poverty these effects keep the poor in  the state they are in.

Another thing about poverty is that they do not have the abilities to meet their needs since they have lack of money it drives them to hunger which resorts them into stealing most probably don't know this juvenile crime rates are high in stricken areas since they do not have money to keep them healthy and sanitary this leads to death and diseases  child labor comes into effect in poverty in order to make enough money as they can. The child abuse in poverty areas are much higher than areas without poverty.

Millions of children in the united states are living poverty with millions more consider low-income children from racial and ethnic minority groups children from single parents are children living in the rural south or west are living in more badder poverty.

What do poverty mean to me hmm well poverty to me mean not necessarily poor but struggling that's what poverty means to me like you don't have to be all the way broke to be poverty you can have a lil bit of something like low income and still be in poverty so to be so real with you poverty can mean anything that's what i think about poverty.

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