March 5, 2017
By Luigi32323 SILVER, Sacramento , California
Luigi32323 SILVER, Sacramento , California
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"The closer you are to the light, the greater your shadow."


Assimilation means the process of taking in and fully understanding information or ideas. If we all understand how others are feeling and we wouldn’t have problems. If we all got along ,we could all be friends.  But we can’t because we always judge others that don’t fit in. We are always looking for flaws in others. Some people try their best to please everyone but others don’t care anymore.

All of us want to be accepted but it is really hard to be accepted. One problem is that we all may not think the same at the same topic. Not thinking the same can cause problems between people. So people have to change their way of thinking in order to fit in with others.

The flaws that we have are increased a lot by others that don’t like us. For example let’s say that you have a zit on your chin. People that judge you for being yourself will see that zit bigger that it is. If we all could ignore our and others flaws we could see that we would all be friends.

I know that we judge others mostly because we don't like them. I know this because I have been judged by others. This happened because I don’t how to speak spanish even though I’m Mexican. I have been called names in spanish that were really hurtful. Since I couldn’t speak spanish I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. It was a dark time for me. But I lucky found some friends that don't care about my flaws.

Everyone could get along if we didn’t judge others by races or colors.  Imagine that world where we all get along. We could all be happy. But we don’t get along because we don’t like what we see in others. We all judge others which is weird. We all need to accept each others. 

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