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November 28, 2016
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I believe one man can change the world.  Everyone's on this planet for a reason, or they wouldn't be here right now.  Either for good or for bad, for yourself or for others, everything you do has a purpose.  Not everyone has tons of money to give to charity, but everyone has a voice.  With one simple action, inspiration can spark.  If someone can make a big enough change, they will either change someone's world, or everyone's world.

Many people are cruel.  They become famous or infamous by changing the world in a negative way. Everyone recognizes the name Hitler.  He spoke the words “No one is listening.  The greater the lie, the easier it is to believe.”  The greater the lie he told, the more people were affected.  While many believed his words to be true, his lies and actions killed many people.  Without his existence, the lives of many individuals would be different.  Through mass killings twisted thoughts and mercenary, he impacted and changed the world. 

Hitler wasn’t the only person to change the world through his actions.  The United States changed as a whole because of one man, Osama Bin Laden.  Because of the destruction he's made, my world changed as did many others.  Bin Laden’s famous quote “We love death. The U.S. loves life.  That is the difference between us two.”  This is not only proving that he wanted to take away the lives of innocent people, but also separating him and his followers from the U.S.  Their ideas were so different from the U.S. that he changed all of American at the time.  The U.S. will be forever changed; so will many lives around the world.

People can also change the world for good.  People like Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela and many more historical figures made a positive impact on the world.  Through respect and perseverance, they took a stand.  They saw something wrong, and took action; they changed the world.  Malala knew what risk she was taking, but stood up for the right cause anyway.  She saw that women weren't getting a fair chance to make something more of their lives through education.  She knew that was wrong, and changed it.  She changed the worlds of many young women who did not have a proper education.  By taking a risk, Malala Yousafzai changed the world. 
Huge problems were either solved or helped with changes.  Nelson Mandela was a very noble and compassionate man who stood up for many people around the world.  When he passed away he was 95.  Many people say he used all of his entire life for good.  Being the President of South Africa, he was a role model for so many people.  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Nelson Mandela used these words along with his wisdom of the world and inspired many people.  Because of this, he changed the world, and inspired others to do the same. 

Anyone can make a difference and change the world.  In the world, good or bad changes can happen.  We can't stop these changes, we can only make them.  If you believe in something stand up for it.  If you believe in something, make a difference.  If you believe in something, change it and change the world.

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