Immigrant Problems

November 11, 2016
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In the U.S. there are 11.4 illegal immigrants, around 53% of immigrants are from Mexico and the rest are from all around the world. People think that immigrants come to steal jobs and that they do drugs and are rapists. But, that is completely wrong. Many people come from Mexico to have a better life by getting a higher paying job. Latinos also take jobs that no on else wants to really do. They also want their kids to get the correct education and graduate and not have to work from a young age. In most latin american countries not many kids finish high school because of money issues. They are forced to work from a younger age because they need to support the family and work usually interferes with school.

Being an immigrant is like being in a black hole that has a light at the end but can never be reached. Your goal in the hole is to get the bright light and have everything you ever needed but in the end, you know you can never achieve it. Language and money barriers both of importance but one of more value. A simple document can show that you authorized to be in the U.S. but without it, you are not as significant. Trying to get by but always being mocked, oh look a beaner just walked by, then laugh and say “it’s just a joke, chill.” But, is it really just a joke? Does anyone understand that having your parents work day and night just to support the family and be able to get 3 meals on the table every day and to be able to live in a decent apartment or house is a struggle? A struggle that makes any minority want to work harder in life and school so that they can be the first college graduate in the family and make mom proud.

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